Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Piano Bench Makeover

I love the fact that we have a beautiful baby grand piano, however I less than loved the seating that came with it. White leather is nice but in this instance it just looked less than appealing and that's really unappealing. I wracked my mama brain (which is no small feat, FYI, with the constant hum drum of littles as background music) to come up with a sensible, free solution to either reupholster or change up the bench. Finally as we trimmed the tree it hit me... All I needed to make this big white eyesore hip was a chevron pattern (cut out of some of the kid's construction paper), some black sharpies (which I had lying about the house) and a whole lot of patience (necessary as a mom). The end result leaves me with a new fondness for my piano bench and an enhanced appreciation for sharpies.

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