Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Me and TV

I am not the most outgoing or talkative person on the planet. That's AJ's gig. However, over the past year or so I have been getting approached by various media outlets, forcing me to bust out of my safe little shell in one way or another. The most recent challenge blessing is none other than yours truly appearing on a local news morning show to discuss various baby and toddler products. Nervous? Yes. Well versed on the topic? I'd like to think so. Still nervous? Yup.

It began with a random email from an east coast based PR firm, asking if I'd be interested in hosting a local TV news segment (insert disbelief and chuckle snort here). I immediately thought it was a scam because, well... why wouldn't it be. To humor ourselves AJ and I did some investigative sleuth work only to discover that it's completely legit (insert disbelief and shocking gasp here). After talking with, Elyse, the founder and CEO of PR Revolution, I decided to go for it and this Friday morning is my television debut.

Breaking it down... I feel comfortable with the topic because it's kid related, and I have five. My outfit is chosen thanks to the texting help of my sister-in-law and I figure as long as I don't wake up with a giant zit on my face or loose my voice all will be good. It's four minutes of my life, I have the honor of talking about a baby shower sized about of different merchandise, that I get to keep (Merry Christmas to me), and it will help me achieve a goal I never knew I had or was capable of. So here we go... hopefully I don't break a leg or trip over any cords.


  1. you are going to rock it! When is it on and on what channel? I want my parents to dvr it for me!!!

    1. This Friday morning on the Fox 6 Wake-up News :) So silly right?!


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