Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Hipped up Loo

It began as an idea and morphed into a reality, as so often happens when I mentally visualize a space. Here's the deal, the picture in my head seems so fantastic that I can't help but make it happen for the rest of the family to see and enjoy. Bless my loving husband because he has the patience of well a very patient person. 

It was a burnt orange red with a builder grade mirror and vanity. Nice but not utilizing the space to it's fullest capacity. One week later, the transformation yields an ever so slightly green tinted blue with stenciled accents (painted by hand with a template - which I will NEVER do again - probably), two shades lighter, new flooring, a sleek vanity and complimentary mirror ala Ikea. Oh... and a vintage Radio Head poster for the hubs and recycled silk rug for me.

Here are some pics I took along the way... I need to get better at explaining the process, I just get so darn excited in the moment that I literally work through breaks, meals and bedtime to accomplish the vision, forgetting to track progress along the way. Either way here is what we made...

Excuse the mess... So embarrassed...

Royal Design Studio stencil

We are rather thrilled and love our new hipped up loo.

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