Tuesday, December 18, 2012

God Rocks

God totally rocked our world one year ago today. AJ and I were on a plane to Addis with a connection in Frankfurt about to meet our baby boys. It seemed too good to be true but it wasn't because well... it actually happened! Notably, the most difficult part of the journey was leaving Sophia, Etienne and Charlotte. It was an incredible challenge spending Christmas apart on different continents, opposite time zones and under different roof tops... As much of a blessing as this time with Laurent and Nicasio was (FYI: It was AMAZING), we missed all being together. So it goes without saying that as we approach Christmas this year, the fact that we are all able to snuggle up and watch cheesy Christmas movies, bake Jesus a birthday cake and cookies and trim the tree as a family of seven (plus two dogs) leaves me with more thanks than I imagined possible. God continues to rock my world.

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