Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nicasio Henri Sena Fink

Nicasio is five months old. His presence lights up a room, his gummy smile is contagious and his disposition is one of pure joy. He is solid, healthy and in love with his ‘dada.’ It would be impossible for anyone to not fall completely in love with him instantly. He loves to growl like a lion with his raspy little voice. He rarely gets upset, but if he does it’s only for a moment and usually means he is tired. We lay back with him on our chest as he sucks on his pudgy fingers and drifts off to sleep. He periodically raises his head to make sure we are still with him and as soon as he hears our voice and sees our face he is comforted back to sleep. He loves to be loved and loves everyone he meets.


  1. so so beautiful! So neat to see what God's plan was all along. Would love to know how everything went with this agency too...
    Love the Funk's

  2. Jamie,
    Your boys are absolutely precious and so adorable.
    I'm so very happy for you and your family, what a blessing to finally have these precious angels in your family.
    God bless you guys.


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