Friday, April 8, 2011


Just a short walk from our hotel, we spent day one at Epcot before AJ was to arrive later in the evening. Despite some rain, the kids and I tackled as many rides as we could and then a blessed surprise came over lunch at the Land Pavilion. In my attempt to stay as unconnected as possible during the trip, I could no longer ignore the constant dinging of my phone alerting me of new messages. Disbelief and relief overtook me as tears streamed from my eyes; Three months of prayers were answered in this moment as I read an email informing Gladney families that the seemingly never-ending investigation was over. I'm sure the other patrons around me thought I had gone mad as I frantically called AJ to share the news. He was about to pass through security at the airport when  he picked up. As I relayed the update he began crying too. In unison, praise for Jesus sprang from our lips as we lifted thanks to heaven with the hopes that we'd be able to see the twins soon. The rest of the day, already perfect, was made even more spectacular and celebration was in full swing as we were together in the happiest place on earth rejoicing.

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