Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It Makes Sense

Disclaimer: This is NOT our referral announcement...yet.

So last week presented itself a slew of new and unexpected possibilities most of which didn't make sense but seemed divine none the less. As stated in our previous post a week old set of twins from Liberia came to our attention and in the universal command to care for the orphans we stepped forward, not knowing whether or not our help was needed but willing to provide if called. A dear friend, Suzi Redman, put things into perspective for me in a way that I could not have processed alone:  

But, the twins in Liberia..... wow!!! What a journey that would be. You just never knew where God will (and has already) taken you!!! Is He seeing that you have followed him for over a year now in waiting for twins, and now He's showing you the twins, just not the ones you thought you'd have..... but believing you have the strength to wait for them. Or, was the picture of the twins a gift, and a bit of peace in the storm of last week. Maybe they aren't your twins, but a visual reminder that you will have your babies home..... but yours aren't quite ready yet!!! 

As it stands today these precious little ones served as a promise of what lies in our future, as Suzi stated a "visual reminder that (we) will have (our) babies home," but that they are not quite ready yet. Our family was not chosen to sponsor the twins in Liberia, from what I understand many petitioned to help which in and of itself is such a blessing to these little ones and their surviving family. AJ and I are doing really well with the decision, understanding that it was made by God and that it is what's best for these twins and our family. We walked through a door in faith and God redirected us - there is complete peace in this. Please join us in prayer as we continue to lift up these twins and the sponsor family able to support them.

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  1. what a beautiful reminder that picture of those precious babies is of God's faithfulness.

    Praying for the twins.


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